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Services Offered

Our focus is on our commitment to providing exceptional auto service at reasonable rates to our valued customers. We take pride in hiring only trustworthy, knowledgeable technicians and staff that mirror our company's philosophy. We want to gain customers that will be customers for life, not just for a one-time service. To keep your business, we know that we must deliver the highest quality service and a reasonable price.

Our Services

  • Custom Race Engines
  • Stock Engine Rebuild
  • Professional Engine Assembly
  • Cylinder Block Boring
  • Cylinder Block Honing on Sunnen Cylinder King
  • Align, Bore & Hone Main Caps
  • Cylinder Head Repair
  • Competition Valve Jobs done on Rottler SG8
  • Cam Bearing and Core Plug Installation
  • Engine Installation
  • Square and Trudeck Blocks
  • Performance Crankshaft Balancing
  • Crankshaft Grinding & Polishing
  • Crankshaft Welding
  • 3-Angle Valve Jobs
  • Magnafluxing
  • And More



10755 SW 188th St.
Cutler Bay, FL 33157

Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

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